Woman Lives Our Nightmare Of Farting In Yoga, Gives Heroic Response

Woman Lives Our Nightmare Of Farting In Yoga, Gives Heroic Response

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ve been there: Butt in the air, your tummy is talkin’ nonsense, and you’re really not sure whether your sphincter has what it takes to get through this particular test of endurance.

It happens to the best of us, though much like having explosive diarrhea on an airplane or accidentally dipping the waist-tie of your dress in the toilet when you pee, it’s not something one tends to publicly acknowledge.

But in a Facebook post on Wednesday morning, Laura Mazza, the comedic brain behind mom blog Mum On The Run, bequeathed the gift of honesty to us all. In her first-ever yoga class—her physiologist recommended it in order to help her with postpartum muscle separation—she laid out, in painful detail, how the yoga farts hit her in a very visceral fashion.

Make sure you’re not in quiet zone as you read this because it will for sure make you LOL.

There may be no better reaction to that kind of trauma than heading straight to McDonald’s, and for that we salute you, Laura Mazza.

The post has been shared over 10,000 times as of Friday morning, and judging from the massive number of empathetic comments on it, we clearly need more heroes like Laura out there. And apparently, way more resources dedicated to treating IBS.