The Best Creative Jobs On LinkedIn Right Now

The Best Creative Jobs On LinkedIn Right Now

LinkedIn isn’t just for boring jobs anymore. Exciting, creative opportunities are closer than you think.

Ah, the classic conundrum of the creative: Finding something that stimulates your mind and utilizes your hard-earned skillset while also paying the bills.

You’re not the type to sell yourself the same way everyone else does, because you’re notthe same as everybody else. It’s tough out there, being a round peg amongst a bunch of square holes.

The good news is, if you’re in the job market right now and you’re ready to unleash those writing, designing or social media skills, we’ve got you covered.

The hodgepodge of job postings below covers everything from booze to murder mysteries—though not booze plusmurder mysteries, sadly. Required skills range from discovering recipes to profiling famous artists. Check ’em out and see if you have what it takes:

Food Writer & Recipe Developer at Food52

Not only does this job at Food52 encourage scouring Pinterest and testing recipes, but also it has awesome perks: A giveaway table with kitchenware, cookbooks, and more, plus an annual bonus plan, unlimited sick days and paid time off, and competitive healthcare benefits. The office is also actively seeking to become more diverse.

Social Media Coordinator at HYPEBEAST

If you’re a New Yorker with an eye for kid’s street fashion (“microfashion” as Humans of New York calls it)—this may very well be your dream job. HYPEBEAST, a news source for all forms of fashion, is looking for a capable social media coordinator for a new project. This is a great entry-level opportunity, and familiarity with photography, Photoshop, and iMovie is a plus.

Artist Writer/Editor at Sotheby’s

Writers with a knack for art history are ideal for this new position at Sotheby’s, one of the most recognizable names in art auctions, private sales, and more.

As a writer and editor, you will write original content on artist biographies, document important artwork, and identify comparable artists. This full-time, entry-level position lets you live anywhere and write any time.

Creative Assistant at Hunt A Killer

Maybe you’ve heard the creepy ads for this subscription service while listening to your favorite podcast. Well, now this startup is looking for a creative assistant to work with them in Essex, Maryland.

If job responsibilities like testing and solving coded messages, clues, and ciphers appeal to you, then Hunt A Killer may be your dream workplace.

Associate Creative Director/ Art at Lyft

If you’re a serious cultural connoisseur who uses Lyft, you already meet two of the requirements for this job. The ride-sharing app is looking for a San Francisco-based creative with a significant professional background in visual campaigns to take on the role of Associate Creative Director. This is the perfect gig for someone who wants to turn marketing insights into art.

Social Video Preditor, Supercall at Thrillist

Thrillist is looking for a candidate “immersed in all things booze.” Using your expert knowledge in bar trends, you can join one of the world’s largest digital-first media companies to create content, report stories, and more.

Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, DSLR cameras, and non-linear editing is encouraged. Creative drinking culture mavens, you’ve found your match.

Graphic Designer / Illustrator at Flipagram

This position at Flipagram is is asking candidates to dream up face filters that don’t yet exist. What a dream. Create original artwork, communicate with developers, and conduct trend research in this full-time entry-level position in Los Angeles. This job hits the sweet spot for artists who still want to work on a team.

Assistant Social Media Editor, Delish at Hearst Magazines

Are you a big fan of those food videos on your Facebook News Feed? Here’s your chance to create them. Delish is looking for an entry-level candidate to assist their Social Media Editor—someone who loves food, knows social media, and “can take a mean food porn photo on their phone.”

Digital Editorial Copywriter at Tarte Cosmetics

One of America’s fastest growing beauty brands is looking for an editorial copywriter who’d also be excited about filming one vlog, one snapchat, and one Instagram story a week. If you’re passionate about conceptualizing content and creating copy, and “good-for-you glamour” is your thing, get engaged with this full-time job in New York.

Part-Time Social Media Producer at Vox Media, Inc

Vox is seeking social media mavens with a background in journalism. Also, Twitter aficionados will appreciate their request for a 140-character cover letter. If that goes well, you may find yourself running Vox’s social media accounts, helping with event coverage, and curating content.