This App Will Make Your Period WAY More Manageable

This App Will Make Your Period WAY More Manageable

App of the week: This super simple period-tracking app counts the days, so you don’t have to.

In theory, monitoring your menstrual cycle should be pretty easy: You start your period, and 28 days after that, you start your next one.

But of course, as the trail of stained underwear in any period-getting woman’s wake will tell you, it’s not nearly that simple. That’s because our bodies are different, thus our cycles are different (duh,) but also because 28 days is a weird increment to keep track of in your head. 

And while a lot of women experience tell-tale symptoms of PMS that give them a heads up, they’re not always reliable and can be mistaken for other things: Is that sensation menstrual cramps, or side-effects of eating questionable-looking cheese at lunch? Is that craving for Doritos hormonal, or just part of my identity? 

Lucky for us all, Cube Period Tracker will give you a heads up on when, exactly, you need to switch to your B-Team undies.

You enter the start date of your period and the general duration, and every time you open the app, it’ll tell you how many days you have until your next period starts. The animation is super cute and simple, utilizing—you guessed it—a bunch of cubes. 

Another great feature? There’s a calendar view that will show you a months’ worth of your upcoming periods, so if you’re trying to get pregnant or plan a trip where you’d just rather not deal with it, it provides a super helpful bigger picture.

The basic version of the app is free, but if you upgrade to the premium version for $2.99, you can get push notifications around when your period, ovulation and PMS are about to kick off. Leak Week will never catch you off guard again.

Words: Deena DrewisPhoto: GIPHY