Your Full Moon Horoscope For June Is About Discovering Your Truth

Your Full Moon Horoscope For June Is About Discovering Your Truth

The full moon in free-spirited Sagittarius on June 17 could have us seeking freedom from anything or anyone that’s hampering our growth or holding us back from living our truth. At the same time, this full moon asks us to assess the places in our lives where we may be overindulging or overextending ourselves. With the help of the full moon in Sagittarius, some of us will be called to scale back and focus only on the things that bring meaning and value to our lives. Either way, this is a full moon that will be hard to ignore as the energy of Sagittarius is pretty in-your-face. Though with Jupiter (Sagittarius’ planetary ruler) squaring off with hazy Neptune in Pisces when this moon occurs, we’ll need to be diligent in seeing the truth of the matter at hand, whatever that truth might be. And as they say, the truth is often what sets us free.


If a relationship has had you doubting your worth or no longer brings you joy, this full moon could trigger a make-it or break-it moment between you and the person in question. Know that you don’t have to settle for a non-reciprocal connection. The people you connect with should fuel you, not put you in positions where you’re consistently overexerting yourself or trying to prove your worthiness. On the flip-side, it may be time to reflect and give a little more of yourself to someone special.


If you’ve been spreading yourself too thin, look to this full moon to show you where you need to pull back and focus on things that you’re 100 percent invested, in rather than things you feel half-hearted about. Doing so will help not just your productivity levels, but will improve your health and well-being too. Speaking of your well-being, if a job situation has become toxic, this could be your signal that it’s time to make a hard and fast exit. Know you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Take care of you.


You’re in the spotlight now as the full moon calls attention to a creative project or talent that you’ve been working on. Though when it comes to your craft or passion, you may need to work on improving or managing what’s already on the table rather than going too big too soon or jumping to the next big thing. If you want to shine at what you do you, bring your full self to it. Also, it may be time to move on from a love connection.


Emotions could run high for you now, especially where a home or family-related matter may be concerned. You could find yourself feeling taken for granted or needing to express some buried emotions with a family member. Either way, you’re called to shift or release an old relationship dynamic and to stop allowing yourself to play the martyr. You know exactly what you need to do. Meanwhile, when it comes to your physical space, a purge may be in order. Seek ways you can better make your home a sanctuary.


It’s time to change the way you think, and you could be on the brink of an a-ha moment that’ll pave the way for a breakthrough. At the same time, you might be too hopeful or optimistic about something or someone that’s causing you to avoid important facts. You can still be open to possibility without getting carried away with an unattainable ideal. If you’ve been working on a project, including media or writing, you could receive recognition for it now. Show off what you know.


Your finances come to the forefront now as you could be offered a new position or a bump in salary. If you’ve been in a job situation where you’ve been feeling unfulfilled or taken for granted, this moon will push you to address any deep-rooted feelings that you have about your value. While you often know how to handle a crisis, you don’t always need to use it as your source of motivation, especially where your finances are concerned. It’s time to start giving yourself permission to thrive.


It’s all about you now and this moon could thrust you into the spotlight, bringing you some well-deserved recognition. Though on a different note, this moon could highlight where you may need to take less risks for the time being and give your energy to things that are more worth your while. Some self-regulation may be needed if you want to be able to truly take advantage of the growth you’re experiencing. Part of the changes you need to make may require you to evaluate the quality of your relationships.


You’re called to practice the art of non-attachment now and trust that what’s meant for you won’t pass you by. Trying to force a certain outcome won’t work for you now, as the lesson you’re learning is a lesson in faith. As such, something you’ve been waiting on could finally come through or you could receive an unexpected gift. On a similar note, it’s time for you to find more balance between your work life and private life. More rest is needed. It’s OK to take a break.


Your popularity is on the rise now, thanks to the work that you’ve been putting in and the reputation you’ve been making for yourself. As a result, you could be plugged into an opportunity (or several), thanks to the people that you know. On the same token, your circle of friends could use a shakeup. If the people you’re aligned with aren’t contributing to your growth or are limiting you in some way, it could be time to release them. Be careful of giving too much of yourself to imbalanced friendships.


Accolades and awards could rain down on you now as your career and ambitions are highlighted under this moon. If you’ve been busy putting in the work, then you could see that work pay off in a big way. Recognize that a big part of your success will come from believing in yourself, while redefining what success means for you. Know that they only expectations that you need to live up to are your own. Anyone else’s expectations or demands on you are irrelevant. You’re the boss of you.


There’s a big, wide world out there for you, Aries, but taking advantage of all that’s out there may require you to release any outworn beliefs or philosophies that you may be holding on to. Though if you’ve been going in one too many directions, this could be a call to reign in that scattered energy. Focus on the big picture, but don’t forget the small details. On a different note, something you’ve envisioned is crystallizing, especially if it involves sharing your voice or knowledge with a major audience.


If you’ve been holding onto something emotionally, this moon may push you to clear the air and get what you need to say off your chest. Know that what comes now could be uncomfortable, but it’s important to honor your truth and the truth of the matter. This is how you empower yourself. On a slightly different note, when it comes to your finances, you may need to take an honest look at your overspending or have a discussion with your partner or someone you share bills with about cash.